Centre for Language
and Communication
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General English

A 6-level, integrated skills course, each session lasting 24 lessons X 1.5 hrs each with open
enrollment. See the details here.

These classes are held twice or three times a week, depending on the schedule you opt for.
We also keep the classes to a maximum of ten/ twelve students to maintain an intimate

Cost includes instruction, materials, ongoing e-mail support and social network communication.
The most experienced trainers in the field holding multiple international certifications use
these tools to train your language skills:
  • A fun and relaxed teaching style
  • A clear theme
  • Whiteboard presentations
  • Videos
  • MP3 files
  • Correction throughout the lesson
  • Course book support
  • Interactive links (to enhance the material studied and check yourself on line)
The teaching process does not end with the lesson. We maintain a tight connection with the
students, offering constant feedback and giving tutoring on request, which includes additional
tasks, recommendation letters, and letters of intention.
All classes are taught by internationally certified trainers with professional teaching experience
and promise to increase your student's English proficiency.

LinguaFranca helps you maintain and improve the level of English with SpeakYOgrammar Club.
You will like this course if you have studied general English, but want to still “keep it in shape”.
You enhance your vocabulary and speaking and brush up on the English grammar that has
always scared you!

These conversation classes are divided into groups, based on your command of English and your
level of oral proficiency. There are classes for beginner to low-intermediate levels, as well as
for intermediate and advanced levels. Through natural conversation in an informal atmosphere
among friends you will increase your English skills.

LinguaFranca offers Exam Preparation Course if you plan to further your academic
pursuits in college or university.